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Gary Nisbet has worked in the Fitness & Coaching Industry for over 15yrs, in a variety of roles. As a Fitness & Sports Conditioning specialist, he has worked with a whole range of clients from different backgrounds and standards - from child and adult beginners wishing to improve their skill levels or fitness capabilities, right up to professionals and International-caliber athletes training for elite performance.

The expansion into the Unique Fitness Solutions brand and website, has taken place to allow Gary the scope and flexibility to work with a whole spectrum of clients, and to provide easy access to information and background for those who seek his help & advice. The over-riding philosophy of Gary and the Unique Fitness Solutions service, is to make each and every workout as individual as you are.




The website has been designed to give potential clients simple access to details about Gary and the services he offers, as well as up to date support and advice on all things Fitness and Performance related. Please use the 'Contact Me' form if you have any questions, queries, or suggestions.

Gary holds full insurance & licencing credentials, including CRB checks and Emergency First Aid certification.


- BSc. Sport & Exercise Science Degree: First Class Hons.
- National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Strength&Conditioning Specialist
- National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer
- Premier Diploma in Fitness Training & Sports Therapy
- England Squash & Racketball Level 3 Advanced Squash Coach
- British Association of Sport & Exercise Scientists Professional Member
- UK Strength & Conditioning Association Professional Member
- Boxercise + KickBoxercise Certified Instructor
- Diploma In Coaching Athletes With Disabilities
- Sports Psychology Diploma


Roles Held

Along with his private Personal Training and Squash Coaching clients, Gary has held prominent roles current and previous for a number of major teams and organisations:

*SquashSkills Fitness & Conditioning Director
*Fulham FC Sedgehill Academy Lead Fitness Coach
*Wycombe Wanderers FC Academy Sport Scientist
*Metropolitan Police Physical Training Instructor
*England Squash & Racketball Regional Fitness Consultant
*Nuffield Health St Albans Head Squash & Conditioning Coach
*Southgate Squash Club Head Coach
*Bexley Squash Club Lead Coaching Professional
*University College London (UCL) Men's & Women's Squash Team Coach
*Chiltern Junior Squash Academy Coach
*Essex Junior Boys County Squash Team Coach

*SHINE @ Holloway School Head Sports Coach
*Health Club Manager (Sona Positive Health - now Nuffield Health)
*Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant (Sona Positive Health - now Nuffield Health)



Gary Nisbet has helped me significantly to achieve where I am today as a squash professional. I have worked closely at times with Gary and he has helped me massively within the areas of SAQ, Strength and Conditioning, and general fitness and has been able to excellently relate them all to my sport and make them as specific as possible. Gary is generally a great guy to work with in many ways, and I guarantee that he could take any athlete or general gym member, listen to their needs, and fulfil them to the maximum. 

Ben Coleman (Professional Squash Player)
Ex-British Junior Champion, Current Senior World Ranked No. 48


In the short time I have been working with Gary, I have seen big improvements in the specific areas he has been working on with me. Whether we are doing a circuit or stretching he always seems to make it fun but hard at the same time. He's always there to offer me any advice on my nutrition, which helps me so much. I recommend Gary for anyone looking to improve any areas of their strength and fitness and I'm sure they will see the same benefits I have.

Charles Sharpes (Professional Squash Player)
Ex-British u19 No. 1, World Junior Open Quarter Finalist, Current Senior World Ranked No. 65


Gary has given me good advice on the best supplements to use during training and tournaments and also for the recovery period after, which being a professional squash player is a very important part to get right. Gary is a great guy, works hard and is really motivated to push you to reach your full potential.

Alison Waters (Professional Squash Player)
British Champion, Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist, Current Senior World Ranked No. 4


I first began working with Gary back in 2004, when I first came over from Dubai for a 6-week training program at Connaught Squash Club in Chingford. Gary carried out a number of fitness tests with me including the Bleep Test, and various other Strength & Agility tests etc, and based on the results he designed my program which has helped me immensely over the years.
We have kept in touch since, and his professional advice has helped me tremendously to stay fit and be able to perform at a high level in one of the most strenuous of sports. Now that I am back in the UK, I am really looking forward to working with him once again.

Khawaja Adil Maqbool (Professional Squash Player)
Multiple time UAE National Champion, Current Senior World Ranked No. 101


Gary is a highly knowledgeable person, from supplements and nutrition through to fitness and strength programmes. Gary has helped me greatly on the plyometric element of my training, and also the nutritional side which is essential to any professional athlete. Gary always gives you thorough reasons and explanations in answer to any questions you have, be it on parts of your training programme or the physical stresses that you encounter when training and competing. Gary will give you his honest opinion on any training aspect to help you achieve your goals, this helped me to cut out a lot of unnecessary time wasting exercises and focus me on what I wanted to achieve!
Gary is also great to be around, he is enthusiastic, motivating and sees the funny side of matters.

Adrian Waller (Professional Squash Player)
Multiple time British National Junior Champion, Current Senior World Ranked No. 25


Gary has provided me with a lot of help and support in my transition from junior to senior squash, and has been a great help in allowing me to improve in all areas of strength and fitness.

Richie Fallows (Professional Squash Player)
England International, Current Senior World Ranked No. 52


We've been lucky to have Gary working with us at Wycombe Wanderers FC for over 3 years now, and he's been a key figure in the progress made within the Centre of Excellence Physical Development Programme. With his wide range of practical experience, passion, and knowledge it's no surprise that his track record of producing physically capable players is second to none. Gary is currently co-ordinating our under 16 physical development programme for us, and i'm very much looking forward to maintaining links with him in the future.   

David Wates (Fitness Coach)
Wycombe Wanderers FC Head of Fitness & Sport Science


Gary has been instrumental in my improvement over the past three seasons. He’s assisted me with plyometric work, circuits and provided me with supplements to maximize my performance. Gary is always pushing you to get the best out of yourself and has a wealth of sporting knowledge. It has been a great advantage working with him and I wish him the best of luck in the future.

Niall Engerer (Former Professional Squash Player)
Ex-England Junior International


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