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Far more goes into making up the elite Athlete, beyond just their technical skills and aptitude for their chosen sport. To fulfill your potential and maximise your performance in the competitive sporting arena, it's vital to incorporate specifically focused Strength & Conditioning sessions into your programme - working on key athletic attributes such as power, speed, stamina, flexibility, and agility. These elements are developed through a variety of training modalities, including Plyometrics, SAQ, and Gym based sessions. As an NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Gary has a wealth of experience working with elite athletes across a number of sports, particularly Footballers, Squash Players, Tennis Players, and Combat Athletes.

Take your performance to the next level by incorporating cutting edge conditioning work and physiological assessment into your training programme. For further details, check out Gary's Athletic Conditioning Articles page on the site.



Athletic Conditioning sessions with Gary are priced at £50 for 1 hourand can be booked to take place at a variety of venues, depending on your specific training requirements.
Discounts are available for block bookings.
For further Information, please call 07958-470-591, or fill out the enquiry form below. 

Gary working with top Pakistan Squash
Professional Adil Maqbool


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