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Whether you're suffering from injury, needing help to release tight muscles/connective tissue, or simply looking to relieve tension and/or recover from training, Massage Therapy can be of enormous benefit.

Massage has a vast number of applications, and various types have been used extensively since Ancient Greek times. A typical session involves the applied pressure and manipulation of the muscles, the depth and tension determined by the client's needs - the two main distinctions being Swedish Massage (or 'Classical' Massage), and Sports Massage.

Swedish Massage is far lighter and more therapeutic, designed to relax and provide relief in structures especially susceptible to the effects of stress and tension. In contrast, Sports Massage usually involves much firmer pressure, with deeper manipulation to enable the release of knots and lesions within the body, plus the breakdown of any accumulated scar tissue.

Studies have shown a significant effect from Massage Therapy on pain relief, reduced anxiety, and recovery from soft tissue injury, and it is becoming increasingly used by sedentary and active people alike.

Gary has a wealth of experience as a Sports Therapist & Masseur, working for the last 12 years with clients ranging from stressed office workers to world-class athletes. For further information, check out the Sports Therapy Articles page on the site.



Sports Therapy/Massage sessions with Gary are priced
at £55 for 1 hour,
and can be booked to take place in your home or at a location of your convenience. Alternatively, Gary has small private facilities available for sessions in St Albans and North East London. Discounts are available for block bookings.

For further Information, please call 07958-470-591, or fill out the enquiry form below. 


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